Traveland Group Department

Profile + Philosophy

Traveland is a multi branch Travel company which was established in April, 1978.

Over the past 4 decades, Traveland has evolved to keep up with shifting trends and requirements for all of your travel needs. Today, Traveland has three distinct departments:

  • Retail
  • Luxury Cruises & Tours
  • Groups

The Group department was established 14 years ago and is always evolving to meet client needs. It is led by Chief Operating Officer, Eitan Battat who has over 40 years of experience in the hospitality and travel industry. 

Over the past decade, Traveland Group Department (TGD) has enjoyed a steady and organic growth as a result of a high customer retention and satisfaction. Once a client has experienced Traveland’s superior service, they won’t go anywhere else. Battat’s vision, management style and commitment to client satisfaction have propelled the Traveland to become a leading supplier and organizer of group travel management services worldwide.

Traveland Group Department is highly sophisticated.  The department’s proficient staff consists of Traveland Managers (TM) and Project Managers (PM). Both are trained in all aspects of group management. Equipped with state-of-the-art proprietary technologies, our staff is customer service focused to provide the optimum travel experience.  Whether it is for a large group, or individual ticket, you will encounter a travel professional with a responsive attitude and the ability to be dynamic, flexible and can support any group leaders and tour operators.  

TGD is highly sophisticated. The department staff consists of Travel Managers (TM) and Project Managers (PM) who are trained in all aspects of group management. Equipped with state-of-the-art proprietary technologies, the staff is customer service focused to provide optimum travel services. Whether it is for a large group or individual tickets, you will work with a travel professional with a responsive attitude who is dynamic, flexible and can support any group leaders and tour operators. 

Behind TGD leadership and our team of professional staff is a set of proprietary systems, extensive training and continuous evaluations of existing processes. TGD utilizes a unique and efficient system to manage all aspects of group travel, making this group management team the gold standard of the industry.

Over the past year, TGD has expanded its spectrum of services to support group leaders and tour operators in making our travel services simple and hassle free.

Our mission is simple. We provide a superior level of group travel management services by embracing full RESPONSE-ABILITY. Responding to clients promptly is ALWAYS a priority. Whether your request is for individual tickets, a group quote, or emergencies at the airport, we will respond rapidly and professionally. If it is important to the client/customer, it is a priority to our staff.

Group Management Services

The Traveland Group Department’s core business activity is managing group reservations. Every group has a unique demographic with unique needs.  Traveland has developed a proprietary process that provides for those needs seamlessly and efficiently. Our process is customized to your group’s needs to provide a precise and hassle-free experience. Traveland will manage your group down to the smallest details.



As a result of many years in the travel and hospitality industry and being customer service focused, we found that responding and acknowledging quickly to client’s requests, emails, texts, voicemail is a priority. Superior communication leads to a superior travel experience.

We define Response Ability as our TOTAL ability, availability, and the speed with we respond to client’s needs. Naturally, we respond to all emergencies due to flight cancelations or delays. That is our responsibility. However, clients’ needs are many and varied.  Whatever your needs, Traveland will respond quickly, proficiently and professionally.   You will always be kept up to date on the progress of all of your travel needs.

If it is important to you, it’s important to us!

"The price of Greatness is Responsibility"

Winston Churchill

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