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One of the most important aspects to creating a perfect land tour vacation is to partner with one of our tour suppliers. There are thousands of tour vacation partners around the globe. Each specialize in a particular destination. Oftentimes global tour companies offer tour programs throughout the world.

There are many options with regard to partnering with a tour supplier. Independent Tours mean you travel independently of others but know that the company has your back and will provide support for everything you need. Escorted Tours means that a representative from the tour company will be escorting the group throughout the entire journey. They’ll serve as a tour guide. It’s a bit more  regimented but very popular and easier than trying to figure out everything on your own.

We oftentimes have the ability to customize pre-published tours and make them unique, especially if we have a group traveling together.

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Cruise & Land Tours

Blending a pre or post land tour with a cruise vacation..

African Safari Tours

A once-in-a-lifetime experience in Africa.

Adventure Tours

Immerse yourself in an adventure vacation.

Corporate Travel Tours

Incentive and corporate trips for businesses, large and small.

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Cruise & Land Tours

The experience of a safari in Africa is truly a life changing experience. To see the wonders of nature, up close and personal, will forever change your perspective.

A safari tour to Africa is filled with surprise, warmth, and excitement as you venture out on your daily to see all that you can of nature. Allow us to share with you our expertise in Africa and provide you with a safari tour of a lifetime

African Safari Tours

The blending of a trip by adding both a cruise portion and land element together is very popular, but does require some knowledge and coordination.

Alaska is just one of many popular cruise and land vacations that meld both the cruise and land together. Others include river cruises in Europe, or on the Amazon River, Nile, or Yangtze River. Each can be blended into a land tour that extend the vacation either before or after the cruise, giving you a completely unique vacation experience.

Adventure Tours

Perhaps sitting on a bus and visiting touristy sites isn’t your cup of tea. Then dive in head first for an adventure tour of a lifetime.

We have connections to dozens of adventure tour companies that offer incredible experiences where you’ll actually get physically involved with. Whether it’s hiking the Inca Trail, white water rafting in Costa Rica, taking a cooking class in Tuscany, or sailing the Galapagos Islands, adventure tours offer so much more!

Corporate or Small Business Travel Groups

Big or small companies oftentimes incentivize their team with travel. We’ll be happy to arrange a custom tour for your company regardless of the reason for the trip.

So whether you’re looking to send 200 of your top sales manager to Monaco for a year well done, or 10 people to Las Vegas, we’ll be happy to help.