Exotic Destinations

What exactly defines an “exotic vacation destination”?

For one, it’s definitely a destination that is not as common as others. Perhaps the destinations are further from home, or they just seem like somewhere you never thought you’d be able to visit. It seems as if the world has gotten smaller because traveling to some of these exotic-sounding destinations is actually quite easier than you might think.

An African Safari, a trip to the South Pacific Islands, or a visit to Viet Nam, Cambodia, or Thailand can certainly be considered an exotic vacation for a US resident. There are so many exciting places to see besides the more common destinations and we can help you plan every aspect of this exciting adventure.

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The ultimate in exotic vacation destinations.

Costa Rica

A bit of exotic and adventure blended together.


The wonders of an African safari will last a lifetime.


The beautiful island of the South Pacific.

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Once in a Lifetime Experiences


Explore Tahiti’s many natural wonders, which includes 118 islands. With direct flights from the United States, you will be in paradise within hours.

Tahiti offers unique experiences, which includes your honeymoon, surfing, and sustainable travel through the islands. Through Tahiti, there are hundreds of beaches to choose from, mountains to hike, and a unique look at nature.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is welcoming tourists and digital nomads alike and offers a unique experience for everyone who visits. From greenery to beautiful beaches to exotic wildlife, you will find it all in Costa Rica.

Explore the beaches, forest, wildlife, and improve your wellness. Whether you enjoy relaxation or adventure, Costa Rica is waiting for you. Consider taking a cruise around the country to help see it all.

African Safaris

If you are looking for exotic adventure, consider an African Safari for your next vacation.

African Safaris are not what they used to be. Spend the day with the giraffe, elephants, zebras, and even lions, and spend the night sleeping in luxury. You will be paired with an expert guide who will teach you the history and culture of the area.


Fiji is a collection of unique destinations that can make the perfect exotic vacation. Fiji is made up of 333 islands that includes waterfalls, surfing, diving, and hundreds of beautiful beaches.

There are a number of non-stop flights from the United States to Fiji on Fiji Airways. Plan your wedding or honeymoon in this fairytale location or bring your family for their next beach vacation.