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Traveland was founded in 1978. Since its inception, Traveland have been actively engaged in managing group travel as well as domestic and international travel, servicing Fortune 1000 corporations.  Traveland’s Group Department currently services major Israeli Tour operators with blocks of group flights.

Group travel management is an intricate process which requires great timing, attention to details and adhering to very restricting timetables.  We have implemented technology and created an automated system which prompts us to book future groups when they are first available, resulting in competitive airfares.
Traveland Groups also has in place automated systems, trained professional agents and a focus on responsiveness to ensure that all your group air booking deadlines are met as well as providing all required passenger services promptly and efficiently. 
Allowing Traveland to manage your group travel and become your Air Vendor will release your resources to be engaged in the more profitable segments of your business.
We offer the below services for your group air travel management:

  • Provide instant estimates for proposed groups
  • Booking group as soon as space becomes available. In most cases, within the first hour
  • Negotiating and obtaining a favorable competitive airfare and contracts from multiple airlines
  • Provide clear and concise document/invoice detailing flights itinerary, airfare, last day to reduce number of group passengers, ticketing, change fees, etc.
  • Post deposit with airlines, some cases credit cards accepted
  • Continuously monitoring airfares to renegotiate airline contract
  • Deviate passengers from group flights as needed and per the airline deviation policy
  • Guarantee all taxes and fuel surcharges 60 days prior to departure
  • Apply air deposit paid to airlines to final air tickets payments
  • Submit passengers manifest to airline and cross check once received back from airline
  • Obtain seat assignments and other special requests for groups participants
  • Prepare all group records for ticketing and issue tickets per ticketing instructions
  • Issue all tickets per fare rules
  • Re-issue tickets if necessary for name changes, cancelation and deviation (per airline reissue policy)
  • Provide all participants information, record locators, e-tickets #, seat assignment and special requests  in a consolidated data base which can be a source for mail merge personalized travel  documents
  • Track and monitor group flights within 24 hours of outbound and inbound departure for delays, schedule changes or cancelation due to weather or other reasons.
  • Make all best efforts to provide protection to passengers on alternate flights and routes in the event of flight cancelation. 

Additional services available if requested:

  • Travel insurance
  • Complete registration services
  • Escort group at the airport to assure an efficient, trouble free check in process
  • Issue passenger’s return boarding passes and send to tour representative



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